Ethical Code: principles and good practices within the company

INDUSTRIAS PELETERAS, S.A., with headquarters at Ctra. de Montesa s / n, 46650 Canals (Valencia), (hereinafter “the Company”) agrees, acknowledges and take the compromise to act in accordance with the highest moral values and ethical management of its business, according to the principles of fairness, equity and transparency and in accordance with the regulations at national and international level. We therefore hope that our suppliers wishing to observe and follow the same philosophy in managing their own business.

This letter of principles and good practices (hereinafter the “Charter”), is an expression of the principles and values recognized by the Company, is addressed to its suppliers and subcontractors and / or its own subcontractors (hereafter the “Providers”) who are running or wants to start a business relationship with the Company.

Failure to comply with the letter by Providers would be considered a serious violation, and cause enough to the breakdown of trade relations between the parties, in accordance with the law, even if not formalized in a written contract and without prejudice to the right to compensation for damage and the possibility of initiating criminal proceedings in which legal action is configured.


Suppliers are required to comply with the laws, customs and practices in the field of labor in the country, and in particular the following requirements deemed critical by this Company:

The illegal labour and forced labour

It is strictly forbidden to use unskilled work under necessary authorization to exercise in remunerative work or part of a profession or trade and prohibited use in the performance of its assets held against their will or forced labour authorizations in this sense, should be considered as unlawful any conduct such as threats, punishment, coercion, document retention and depriving the employee of his capacity for self-determination.

Child labour

It is strictly prohibited using child labour. The term “minor” means any person who has not reached the legal age, and must not work. It is a form of exploitation which constitutes a violation of human rights and is recognized and defined by international organizations.


Workers should be treated with respect and dignity. It is not allowed corporal punishment, impose bribes, physical disabilities or moral constraints and in general any abuse to the detriment of the workers themselves.


Workers should be treated equally and adequately. During recruitment process, access to training, promotion, etc. -Is specifically required to the Providers to do not practice any form of discrimination by reason of sex, race, religion, age, disability, sexual orientation, political opinion, origin social or ethnic.

Freedom of association and expression

Freedom of association and expression must be respected and recognized to each worker the right of affiliation, without penalty or any form of discrimination. In no way can be also be undermined the inviolable right of everyone to freedom of expression of their thoughts through speech, writing or other media under the legal framework.

Health and Safety

The Company complies with legislation on health and safety in relation to the specific risks of the Company itself. Furthermore, is required to suppliers the fulfilment of this legislation to prevent accidents or damage that may occur during collaborating or working on Company.

Labour relations

The Company complies with legislation on recruitment, remuneration and mandatory contributions regarding Public Health System and Fiscal Law, same as we require our suppliers to comply with labour laws. In addition, all employees agree as to the individual and collective bargaining and legislation applicable to themselves.

Moreover, INDUSTRIAS PELETERAS S.A. employees are not allowed to offer, grant, request or accept gifts, favours, rewards or any form of hospitality which may influence their decision-making independence on current or future actions related to their company position.


We expect our suppliers to share the commitments undertaken by the Company for a clean and safe environment. The company promotes initiatives to reduce the environmental impact, in particular, supports initiatives to promote the use of technologies that reduce emissions to the environment.

Also providers are required to adopt the most appropriate systems to demonstrate effective compliance with the following conditions:

  • Existence of an efficient environmental management.
  • Proper treatment of waste and emissions to air and water, special attention due to emissions or hazardous waste which may be illegally left in the environment.


The suppliers shall undertake to act fairly, in good faith, with due diligence, efficiency and equity they are required to always act in full legality, to comply with laws and regulations at national, EU and international level in relation to activities of their companies especially must pay particular attention to compliance with the requirements in the following areas:

Administrative and Financial declarations

The balance sheet date, and any other documentary accounts must comply with laws and regulations, adopt practical and advanced accounting principles and guided by the principle of transparency, which accurately represents the facts of management criteria clarity, accuracy and impartiality in compliance with internal procedures.


Our suppliers must obtain the approval of the Company in order to legitimately assign a stage of the manufacturing process of some subcontractors. The consensus of this Company is, among others, subject to the acceptance by same subcontractors, of this Charter.

Relations with the public administration

In its relations with the public administration our suppliers undertake to refrain from offering, directly or through nominees, money or other benefits to the public official, or their families in any way connected to it and from finding or establishing favour personal relationships, influence, interference with the purpose of influencing, directly or indirectly in the activity.


Providers are required to keep private and confidential and not to disclose or disclose data to third parties, news or information of any kind (including specimens, collections and products) treated in the operation of its business, and in any case arising of or relating to this Company, and not using it, directly or indirectly or through a third party in its own interest or in other’s interest.

Use of trademarks and logos owned by the Company is permitted only for the purpose of identifying the products, according to the guidelines of the Company.

The supplier may not acquire the signs, badges and creations, particularly in regards to the drawings, models, samples, prototypes, projects, moulds, plants, processes and equipment owned by the Company or related with it. The possible use of such materials beyond what may be considered strictly authorized will be considered counterfeiting offense and will lead to civil or criminal proceedings.

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