Quality Policy

INDUSTRIAS PELETERAS S.A with the aim of strengthen its position in the tannery sector, produce the best products and services, improve customer fulfilment and promote continuous improvement, has set the following strategic goals, which are based on UNE – EN ISO 9001:2015 standards:

1. The commitment to fulfil the explicit and implicit exigencies and requirements of our clients, as well as legal and regulatory framework.

2. Communicate our quality objectives and standards within all organisation levels.

3. Implement quality indicators, and also perform a monitoring.

4. Ensure optimal working conditions through the risk assessment of our processes, and the implementation, as far as possible, of safeguards.

5. Perform training programs in order to obtain the best possible employee qualification, and thus their involvement in the achievement of this goals.

6. Ensure a continuous improvement of our services, and meet the requirements of our stakeholders in compliance with the applicable legal and regulatory framework.

7. Communicate our continuous improvement to our stakeholders.

8. Promote a healthy and motivating atmosphere within al the organisation.

9. Reach a high level of loyalty of our stakeholders.

10. Activities performed will be designed with the aim of minimising the environmental impact of our production process. The company will set as a priority the prevention and compliance in waste generation.

Management is committed to update quality policies and objectives, and to coordinate the execution of actions towards their dissemination and understanding within all the organisation.

Moreover, management is also committed to provide employees adequate material resources and training to understand the company quality system and to assess advantages of continuous improvement. In addition, actions that are viable, economically and technically, will be performed for the prevention and assessment of risks towards human health and the environment.

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